Initial idea for this page (blog) come as the answer to the question “How was your vacation?” – the very common question that your parents and friends ask you when you are back from your trip. The other idea come from reading reviews on tripadvisor type of sites about the best beaches, restaurants, places to visit, etc… So this page is thoughtful to be collection of our reviews to each place that we visit during our vacation.

This site is build from a free WordPress template and hosting, because the basic idea is giving information to the readers from out perspective.


Travel to Korcula

Because we have almost three years old son, trip from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia to Korcula (Korčula), Croatia required two days travel with one night stop. So, we decided to sleep in Bar, Montenegro. Accommodation at Apartments Suster was great. The city beach was rocky, but very clean. Also, there you can find a lot of beach bars with fair prices. The beach area is also great place for night walks with your family and friends.

There was a terrible traffic jam while we were driving through “Jadranska Magistrala” in Montenegro and Croatia. That, together with a lot of time that we wait on the borders made us really nervous and impatient. But, driving on the Pelješac peninsula return our enthusiasm. Finally, there is 15 minutes ferry from Orebić to Korcula (Korčula) island, where we climb on the boat desk and enjoyed the stunning views.

Our first tip: avoid crossing state borders (Albania-Montenegro border and Montenegro-Croatia border) during the day, especially on weekends – try to arrange that for night and work days. 

Note: the images of “Orebic” and “Korcula from ferry” are captured with Nokia Lumia 930. The image “Bar”, like all other pictures in the blog are captured with Nikon D5100.



Korcula – magnificent island

Korcula (Korčula) is gorgeous, fantastic, special, unique, beautiful, wonderful, outstanding, unbelievable, astonish, amazing, marvelous. We are totally inspired from the island.

It offers fun for everybody – peaceful sea for swimming, renting boats, renting bikes, avanturistic tours with buggy vehicles, spectacular landscapes, superb sea water, gorgeous sandy beaches, tasty food, good accommodations, ideal weather.

Our second tip is: grab your best camera (preferable DSLR), because this island definitely deserves that – to be photographed as much as possible.

Even amateur photographers like we are with our semi-professional camera, Nikon D5100 DSLR, can take very good photos. Because of the beauty of this island, and the magical shades of blue, you can freely abandon some of the photography rules, like the time of shooting, and the pictures are still great.

The best of all is spending your vacation on such a great place with the people you love the most – your family.


There are a lot of restaurants (known as “konoba” from local language) and pizzerias in each place of the island. They offer very tasty and delicious food. We ate at Pizzeria Torkul in Lumbarda and Konoba Bilin Zal at the same called beach. And we rate both places as excellent. The food was tasty and fresh so we definitely recommend you to try several dishes recognizable for Croatia’s kitchen.

Lunch at Konoba Bilin Zal

However, you always have the option to cook at the kitchen in the apartments. The markets are very supplied.


Current course (during our vacation): 1 €  (Euro) ≈ 7.3 kn (Croatian kuna).

Market prices:

  • bottle water of 1 liter – 6 kn
  • bottle water of 6 liters – 15 kn
  • bread – 8 kn
  • 1 litter orange juice – 14 kn
  • 400 g Lino cream – 30 kn

Bazaar prices:

  • 1 kg peach – 20 kn
  • 1 kg tomato – 12 kn

Restaurant prices:

  • Pizza capricciosa – 60 kn
  • 1 kg fish of first category – 340 kn
  • Fries – 30 kn
  • Juice – 15 kn
  • Beer 0.3 l – 10 kn
  • Beer 0.5 l – 12 kn
  • Ice-cream – 10 kn

Rent prices:

  • rent bike for 3 hours – 50 kn
  • rent bike for whole day – 100 kn
  • rent boat (depend from the boat size) for whole day – 60€, 100€ or 150€


  • 1 liter petrol Super-95 – 10.38 kn



We were very sad when leaving from Korcula, because of the lovely time spend there. However, we hope that very soon we will have a chance to visit Korcula again. There are so many things we didn’t do, and so many places we haven’t see.

We totally fell in love with the island. Korcula is a place where some of the greatest Croatian musician and authors like Oliver Dragojević and Zlatan Stipišić – Gibonni get their inspiration, and now we know why.

Final and most important tip: if you’re planing a journey consider Korcula as one of your top 3 destinations to visit. I am sure that we will.